Mission Statement

The Dr. David M. Milch Foundation (DMF) is committed to supporting youth mentoring programs and arts based initiatives that foster positive social change. Guided by the principles of venture philanthropy, DMF works in close partnership with grantees to nurture their growth and development and to build a better future for their constituents and communities.

1. Youth Mentoring for a Better Tomorrow:

DMF maintains a steadfast commitment to supporting healthy development in underprivileged youth. The foundation is most interested in programs that adopt a mentoring approach that encourages youth to discover their strengths and become self-sufficient through education, training, and empowerment. Some DMF grantees include Brotherhood - SisterSol in Harlem; Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth in New York City; and A Single Bite which addresses food insecurity in Sullivan County, New York.

2. Arts for Social Impact / Ars Veritas:

DMF believes that art can serve as a powerful catalyst to facilitate dialogue, challenge perspectives and ignite social change. The foundation supports initiatives that use art and artistry to educate, bridge differences, and promote tolerance. Some projects Ars Veritas supports include Engarde Arts, The Village Trip, The New Group, and DocWorld..

3. A New Chapter:

"Lives Eliminated, Dreams Illuminated" (LEDI) is DMF's newest initiative. This multi-media touring exhibition features unique portraits by American artist Lauren Bergman along with original compositions by Israeli composer Ella Milch-Sheriff. Based on archival photographs of young girls and women whose lives were senselessly lost during the Holocaust, LEDI reimagines their life stories via art and music. By establishing a personal emotional connection to the enormity of this terrible history via compelling artistry, the LEDI experience promotes important conversations about the Holocaust, intolerance, antisemitism, and hate. LEDI debuts at the distinguished Hadassah-Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University Fall of 2023, touring widely thereafter.

Venture Philanthropy

DMF's philanthropic approach is undergirded by the concept of Venture Philanthropy. We invest in organizations and projects by providing funding along with strategic advice to leverage internal resources, maximize potential, and sustain impact.

DMF's vision for social change consists of three pillars.

First, fostering individual desire and dreams for success in life and relationships.

Second, to enable joy through the arts and the experience of beauty in the world.

Third, promoting Tikkun Olam, the Jewish concept to help repair and heal the world, with humble intent to bring the world into a better place than we find it.

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