Portrait of Ella Milch-Sheriff

One of Modern Israel's Most Celebrated Composers

Ella Milch-Sheriff is one of Israel’s most performed composers in recent years. Born in Haifa, Israel, she began her career as a composer at the young age of 12, graduating in composition from the Academy of Music at Tel Aviv University.

The Dr. David M. Milch Foundation has collaborated with Ella on numerous artistic projects in recent years.

"Conversation with a Stone"

Based on a poem by Nobel Prize Winner Wisława Szymborska

Performed in Bonn, Germany, 2015

"Habtener" (Halftones)

For Voice and Orchestra

Based on poems by Yiddish poet Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

Premiere in Israel, 2016 (Malmo, Sweden, 2021)

Bringing Yiddish to the concert halls with original contemporary music.

"Past Life"

A feature film by Avi Nesher

Based on Baruch Milch diary and his daughters’ story

Premiere in Toronto Film festival TIFF, 2016

"Baruchs Schweigen" (Baruch's Silence)

Opera by Ella Milch-Sheriff

Production in Vienna (2016), Entarte Opera festival


An original work for two soloists, choir and orchestra by Ella Milch-Sheriff

Based on liturgical text from the Jewish morning prayer

Premiere: Israel Camerata, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem 2018

Noam Sheriff Archive

National Library of Israel (Jerusalem)

Inauguration: 2022

Noam Sheriff (1935 - 2018), Israeli composer, conductor, teacher

Israel Prize Winner, one of Israel's most significant musicians

"Lives Eliminated, Dreams Illuminated" (LEDI)

A rare project of paintings by Lauren Bergman of young women and children who perished during the Holocaust, giving them an imaginary future in the paintings, combined with original musical compositions composed by Ella Milch-Sheriff, inspired by each painting.

This project was already presented partially online, waiting now to be presented live in museums, concert halls, etc.